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African Safari, Art Gallery, Global Travel Vacation Packages
& Trucking Company in Birmingham, Alabama

Merida Exp LLC
Owner operator Wanted
We Pay 90% of the Load Pay 

Experience African Culture through Art and Tourism

African Safari • Trucking Company • Art Gallery

Learn about African culture with Merida in Birmingham, Alabama, which also offers trucking company services. This is a joint business including an online art gallery featuring products from African artists. We also offer travel tours in Africa. Contact us today for more information on any of our transportation services or art products.

We Offer:
• Trucking—  Owner opertor  Merida Exp on your side
• Tourism—
Experience Africa through Tanzania travel and Safari   with Merida
• Art Gallery—Enjoy unique African artwork from Merida

Business History
Founded by Emmanuel Mollel who came to the U.S. from overseas in 1999 and went to school for computer in applied science. In the midst of his school and work schedule, he stumbled on this business opportunity and launched Merida. He chose these industries because he has liked to travel, enjoyed adventure, and appreciated the African scenery and art worlds since he was a child. Emmanuel's objective is to reach and support  Owner operators  by reducing their running cost and maximize their profit, make Tanzanian safari experience more affordable and educate the world about african culture through African Artwork.

Trucking, Trucking Company in Birmingham, AL
Contact us today in Birmingham, Alabama, for details
about our African safari, trucking company, and art gallery.

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